The dynamic web pages are those that are created by the same source code for the various companies. They are more expensive and are designed by the Website Development Companies for their valuable customers. It is designed and code using the server side scripting languages including the following:

The advantages of the dynamic site are numerous. In the start the site allows the owner to add the new content and simply update the site. In these sites, the events and the news are easily posted and updated because they are given that simple and easy browser interface. The features that are used in such sites can only be stopped and limited by the imagination.

Some of the examples of the dynamic site are e-commerce system, discussion board, add information to the website, CMS (Content Management System) and much more.

Advantages of Dynamic Website:
  • More functional website
  • Easier to update
  • Updated and need content brings audience aback to site and also assists in the Search engine optimization
  • It works like the system and allow the users or staff to interact with each other

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