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What is Audio Book

Get your book read by the professional storyteller Turn your book into audio-book. Get dramatic background notes designed for your content and connect with your audience’s hearts directly via their ear. We help authors to convert their published books or hand-written manuscripts to high-quality digital file streams which can be published over YouTube, Vimeo or even can be sold over Amazon, Audible, iTunes.

Benefits for your business

Bgrafio is one of the highly professional audio production service providers in India giving super quality audiobooks recorded in our world-class book recording studio.

We provide audio production services our audio production extends to books that are Bestselling, and Classic.

We cover both fictional and non-fictional books.

Bgrafio team we aid customizing audiobooks in the aspects of BGM, Vocalist, Accent, etc.,

The habit of listening makes a person patient enough to listen to others while they are talking. This avoids the person being put into argumental situations in life.

Most of the time reading might spoil eye health and hence may lead to eye pressure, or power. Listening to audiobooks can happen while you are at other works viz. Cooking, Gardening, Jogging, Commuting, and many more household chores.


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What we can offer

We offer services for Branding, Graphic Design, Web Development, Ecommerce, Explainer Video, Animation, Content Writing, Internet Marketing and more.

A demo URL will be provided during development of a work. Therefore, customer can check what’s being done from time to time.

We provide best solutions, free consultation & we complete what we promise.

We help customer to reduce cost, increase efficiency and stimulate sales through our projects.

Each website we build are responsive & SEO friendly.

Any bug in the website or application after the delivery will be fixed free of charge.

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